Happy to meet you!

My name is Lise Aanes and I am a healing diets practitioner and chef educated at the School of Natural Medicine UK, based in Oslo.

I believe that mindful eating is the key to fighting the diseases that are wreaking havoc with our health and with the health of future generations. 
I also believe that by changing the way we eat we can contribute to a healthier planet as our consumer powers may reverse the environmental changes caused by large scale agriculture.
Eating in a conscious way may restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony and only through a holistic world view can we make real changes on a global scale. 

My wish is to awaken people’s natural ability to self heal through the use of diet, natural supplements and herbs and natural detoxification and elimination methods and the goal of Alien Seas is just that.

I offer private consultations for families, one-to-one meetings, cooking workshops and I cater to both retreats and events. 

I always cook organic, vegetarian (vegan upon request), gluten free, sugar free, never with heated vegetable oils, never with table salt and you can expect things like kimchi, dehydrated bars and kombucha at my table – see how I cook by visiting the @alienseas Instagram page!

If you are interested in working with me to change the world one plate at the time, contact me at hello@alienseas.com.

My recent London clients/collaborations include 42 Acres, WeWork, the Good & Proper Tea company, RedemptionThe Farm Girl and Benk + Bo.

I have recently catered for The Bridge Retreats, Mylky Moonlab, Leela Miller Yoga and Helena Wilton Yoga.

Wonder where Alien Seas will pop up next? Keep an eye on the Facebook events page!