I am a professional chef with experience from POW FOOD, CRUCIAL and PEDRO’S and I cater for mindfullness events, retreats, private clients and workshops.

I always cook organic, vegetarian (vegan upon request), gluten free, sugar free, never with heated vegetable oils, never with table salt and you can expect things like kimchi, dehydrated bars and kombucha at my table – see how I cook by visiting the @alienseas Instagram page.

You can rest assured that my carbon footprint is minimal as I always try to shop packaging free from farmer’s markets and bulk stores.
All foods are stored long term in glass containers, I never cook with teflon and I use wooden utensils and 100% natural cleaning products, all to ensure that no toxins end up in your food.

I have recently catered for The Bridge RetreatsMylky MoonlabLeela Miller Yoga,  42 Acres and Helena Wilton Yoga.

Contact me directly for more information, a quote or references: 

Lise, you made cooking for 24 people seem like such a pleasure and so easy! The meals were fresh, delicious and a great compliment to our daily activities of adventure and yoga
— Sophie Lambert, London
Lise had gone to a lot of trouble to prepare and cook volumes of tasty food and drinks, we were encouraged to ask questions as Lise was presenting each part of the meal, and she was very knowledgeable
— Maureen Hankin, Charity Lunches for the Elderly
I really enjoyed the talk and am excited to start making my own fermented foods this weekend. As soon as I got home yesterday I followed Alien Seas on Instagram so thank you for introducing her to us. I learnt lots in 1 hour, Lise’s energy and enthusiasm captivated me to want to give it a try. Very pleased I attended the session and would definitely sign up if there is another in the future.
— Dyson workshop, Sustainability Festival 2018
Your knowledge and skills are just amazing. Everything you’ve made here has been tasty and beautiful, with nuggets of interesting nutritional info that you shared with us. The chat we had over dinner was so valuable to me and I hope your advice will really improve my life. Thanks again, all the best
— Jen Hoare, UK