I am a professional chef with experience from POW FOOD and CRUCIAL and I cater for mindfullness events, retreats, private clients and workshops.

I always cook organic, vegetarian (vegan upon request), gluten free, sugar free, never with heated vegetable oils, never with table salt and you can expect things like kimchi, dehydrated bars and kombucha at my table – see how I cook by visiting the @alienseas Instagram page.

You can rest assured that my carbon footprint is minimal as I always try to shop packaging free from farmer’s markets and bulk stores.
All foods are stored long term in glass containers, I never cook with teflon and I use wooden utensils and 100% natural cleaning products, all to ensure that no toxins end up in your food.

I have recently catered for The Bridge RetreatsMylky MoonlabLeela Miller Yoga,  42 Acres and Helena Wilton Yoga.

Contact me directly for more information, a quote or references: